SCBA Training

Tolono FPD members participate in weekly training sessions. There is a theme to every session, whether it be EMS related, using extrication tools, fire fighting, alarm systems, etc.

On Monday, February 26th, we conducted Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) training. SCBA’s are what firefighters wear to keep them breathing clean air when in or around a building producing thick and/or toxic smoke.

SCBA’s include an air tank that can hold roughly 30 minutes worth of breathable air when breathing normally. As you can imagine, how heavily you’re breathing can drastically affect how fast that tank is depleted.

Since we are only able to simulate live fire’s a few times a year, we develop other methods for simulating the heavy breathing while fighting a fire.

This session, several fire fighters suited up in full turnout gear and air packs and played a friendly game of 3v3 basketball at the West Station. Running, shooting, and passing while wearing nearly 80lbs of gear will get your heart and breathing rates up quickly. This gives firefighters a chance to practice how to control their breathing and conserve air just like they would in an actual fire.

See the gallery below for some pictures of the game.