Department History

1874– A meeting by the village board and mayor determined there was a need for a fire engine.

1875- Forty citizens met with the town board and asked to get a force pump. No action was taken.

1879- The board bought a hook and ladder truck from Champaign for $60 a month, later a shed was built for the truck.

1887- The board passed an ordinance to establish fire protection. The village also bought the “Little Giant” hand operated pumper for $450.

1888- A big bell was bought and installed to serve as the fire alarm.

1895- Tolono water works was installed.

1928- An old chevy pickup truck was bought. It was loaded with all the fire hoses. Most of the time it had to be pushed to the fires.

1940s- The original firehouse with the big bell alarm was improved and they bought inhalator respirators.

1941- A vote for a fire protection district was defeated.

1950- Fire protection for the rural areas was put into place. Farmers that wanted the protection paid a yearly fee.

1952- A festival was held in the street to bring in some revenue. It was held every year there after. Today it’s called “Tolono Fun Days”.

1953- A 30’X50′ block building was built as the new firehouse. The firemen themselves mostly did the work.

1954- The first meeting in the new firehouse was held in September.

1956- A New American Le France pumper truck was purchased.

1961- A new tank truck was purchased.

1962- The old firehouse was taken down and an addition to the block building was completed.

1964- A panel truck with emergency equipment was added.

1970- An international pumper truck was purchased.

1978- A third pumper truck and all motorized units now have radios. A bigger and better panel truck was added.

1990- Due to heavy train and Route 45 traffic a firehouse was started on Strong St.

2010- The west side firehouse moved to a bigger facility on Linden St.

2015- The Tolono Fire Protection District’s new station at 214 N. Bourne St. had it’s grand opening on March 29, 2015